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Welcome to the Casino Jam page! The Casino Jam is the open jam session of the AG Casino of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Join, support, visit - here you get all the information!

What is the Casino Jam?

The Casino Jam is an open jam session for musicians and the public. Musicians of all genres, levels and instrument types meet here to enjoy making music together spontaneously. 

Blues, reggae, dancehall, rock, hip hop - anything that is jamable will be played. Vocalists are explicitly invited!

The Casino Jam will be accompanied by a House Band, which will open the evening, be available as a foundation and bridge gaps if necessary. The members of the House Band are not fixed. Any musician is welcome to participate in the House Band. These are the members of the current House Band.

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Frequently asked questions

The Casino Jam is organized by the AG Casino of the FHP.

The Casino Jam is held in the hall of the Casino of the FHP.

The casino has a mid-sized stage, a drum set, a guitar amp, a bass amp, 6 monitor channels and a FOH. The auditorium can hold 200 guests.

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or just drop by.

Admission is free.

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